History of San Lorenzo, California

Census Records

San Lorenzo is part of Eden Township, Alameda County. The San Lorenzo census is not necessarily on consecutive pages within each census, so make sure you check the name of the post office on each page.

The USGenWeb Census Project is an all-volunteer project to transcribe census records in a standard format and make them available to genealogical researchers on the Internet. For the status of work on California counties, and how you can volunteer, see USGenWeb Census Project -- California.

San Lorenzo censuses transcribed under the GenWeb project and available on the Web are:

1860 San Lorenzo Census

1870 Eden Township Census

San Lorenzo records in later federal censuses of Eden Township are as follows:

1880 — Enumeration districts 22 and 23

1890 — See note below. 1900 — Enumeration districts 331 and 416 (complete Eden Twp. is in EDs 327 - 331, 416)

1910 — Enumeration district 33 (complete Eden Twp. is in EDs 30 - 34)

1920 — Enumeration districts 150 and 152 (complete Eden Twp. is in EDs 147 - 159)

1930 — Enumeration districts 251 and 252 (complete Eden Twp. is in EDs 246 - 256)

Most of the 1890 federal census records were destroyed by fire or flood. To compensate for this loss, voter registration records in each California county were compiled in individual county volumes by volunteers in the 1990s. See "Alameda County, California Great Register of 1890," East Bay Genealogical Society, Oakland, 1998 (a copy is available in the San Lorenzo Library). As only males were entitled to vote in 1890, the register contains only the names of males 21 years and older. The names are sorted in alphabetical groups (A, B, C ...) but the names under each letter are not arranged in alphabetical order. There is no cross-index by geographic area.

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